Kano – a DIY computer kit can be built like lego blocks and set-up to do programming and play games

Kano, a DIY computer kit allowing you to build and set-up a computer yourself, has been pre-ordered by over 18,000 parents, teachers, and kids from 86 different countries as shared by Mark Frauenfelder here.

Priced at $150, Kano bundles beautiful parts of accessories which can be easily built like Lego blocks. It runs on Raspberry Pi, a system-on-a-chip with an ARM 700MHz CPU and 512MB RAM. It comes with illustrated storybooks, instead of typical user manual.

The Kano OS is an open-source OS for exploration, creation, and play; enabling you to code mountains in Minecraft and powerups in Pong, synth music and stream video and much more.

Kit URL: http://www.kano.me/kit

See Video: http://uk.kano.me/

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