How To Begin With Python: Day 2

Continuing from How To Begin With Python: Day 1, we continue with “3.7. Python Launcher for Windows” section in the official windows installation primer, the link to the primer is “Using Python on Windows”.

After installation, it important to know how to run a python script.

  1. For more basic information on this see
  2. Shebang Lines: first line of a script file starting with #!, commonly used to indicate how a script should be executed
  3. INI files: Two .ini file will be searched by the launcher (for customization / configuration information) – “application data” directory has precedence over the INI file in the same directory as the launcher.
  4. Some more explanation on how python code is interpreted or compiled is at

To know more about how to configure a python program, you could peep into:

  1. configparser — Configuration file parser – a module to process configuration files
  2. Simpler explanation on how use the config file is here.
  3. More types of configuration files explained here.


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