Day 12: Exploring Python with Django – Under The Hood

On Day 11, we identified “Django tips and tricks: Part 1″  as of the interesting resources – here are few insights from the article:

  1.  Django is a full stack framework, while Flask is a micro service framework. This means that Flask has no database abstraction layer, form validation or templating. Flask gives you more fine grained control of each aspect of your application while Django gives you some strong recommendations. At your own risk, you could use both frameworks for your application.
  2. Let go of (check the link to know why and how).
  3. Django can create confusion between project and apps. To cut the long confusing story short – an app refers to a self-sufficient submodule of the project.
  4. Know more about Django inlines here.
  5. Class Based Views (CBVs) are more powerful than method based views (MBVs)
  6. Another resource recommendation-

Understanding and going deeper into all these points is quite a bit of work for a day  – so we end Day 12 here.

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