Jason Benn

Book Reading – Deep Work – by Cal Newport Page 5-12

Moving on to the 5th page of the book “Deep Work” – Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World by Cal Newport.

Few more mentions of people who do isolated deep work:

  • Bill Gates
  • Neal Stephenson

Page 6 talks about fragmented attention and shallow work: Average knowledge worker spends more than 60% workweek on electronic communication related activities.

Page 7 concludes network tools negatively impact deep work.

Page 8 touches upon the philosophical debate – do technological tools damage society or help society?

Page 9 begins the story of Jason Benn who quit his job to learn computer programming – found it extremely tough to concentrate until he started locking himself up for hours reading and learning from books without any access to computers and Internet. The story ends on Page 12 with Jason more than doubling his salary with deep work.

Checkout more about Jason Benn at https://jasonbenn.com.

Jason Benn
Jason Benn

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