Sherwin Rosen Paper 1981

Book Reading – Deep Work – by Cal Newport Page 24-26

Moving on to the 24th page of the book “Deep Work” – Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World by Cal Newport.

In the current economy, “High-Skilled” workers – who can work with complex machines – shall thrive.

The other kind of people who will thrive are labelled “Superstars” – people who are the very best in their field – it is a “winners take all” market (term taken from a 1981 paper by economist Sherwin Rosen). Rosen  gave examples of movie stars and musicians in the 80s. Now, the “superstar effect” is more widespread due to proliferation of communication and collaboration technologies.

Sherwin Rosen Paper 1981
Sherwin Rosen Paper 1981

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