Book Reading – Deep Work – by Cal Newport Page 27

The 27th page of the book “Deep Work” – Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World by Cal Newport:

This period of “Great Restructuring” is a good time to have access to capital.

Let us beyond the book – who else is talking about “Great Restructuring”? For example, Jeff Jarvis, in his article here, says:

It’s not a great depression, neither is it a great recession we’re going through now. At the Brite conference this week, Umair Haque called it a great “compression,” as an economy built on perceived value reconciles with actual value. This morning, The New York Times finally realized that what we’re experiencing is more than a financial crisis: “Job Losses Hint at Vast Remaking of Economy.” Well, yes, if hints were sledgehammers.

I try to argue in my book that what we’re living through is instead a great restructuring of the economy and society, starting with a fundamental change in our relationships – how we are linked and intertwined and how we act, nothing less than that.

Newport quotes a Venture Capitalist:

“Everyone wants my job.”

It is the best time to be an investor! Or, should we call it The New Gold Rush?



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