The FunVidya Club

The FunVidya Club is about helping you

  • Exploring the world around us and the entire universe
  • Finding your interests
  • Going deeper into what intrigues you
  • Freely experimenting and tinkering around without any pre-defined agenda

This site is one of the projects under the umbrella idea of THE FREE MIND (TFM) WAY:

All above links lead to – which is the primary repository of all TFM related content.

This particular site is used various experiments – for example, so far, for daily writing, exploring and learning different subjects including computer programming (starting with Python), technology (starting with IOT), etc.

Status as on August 13, 2019: Daily learning and sharing about Python programming language,

Earlier a daily writing streak eventually led to creation of a “fun” and “impossible” project called – “PROJECT: Access to ALL Knowledge – Towards a COMPLETE MAP of our EXISTENCE”:

  • [June 27, 2019 post: The Beginning of New Beginnings] On DAY 1, I contemplated a lot on what to write. Fiction was out of question. Book review was an option but seemed too easy. Finally I settled on IOT – my latest focus area. I might get to kill many birds with this is one stone – one – my research on IOT would continue, hopefully, in a disciplined fashion; two: I get to sharpen my design thinking; three: we get explore what it takes to learn a new subject……
  • On DAY 2, I thought how can IOT help solve world’s problems. However, for that you need to know what are the world’s biggest problems….this led to the 2nd post.
  • Few days no show, then I got around to beginning work on a project that I have been dreaming since my teenage – “PROJECT: Access to ALL Knowledge – Towards a COMPLETE MAP of our EXISTENCE”.


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