Multitasking Devices!

What does it take to design and build multi-purpose and multi-tasking devices? Report on “multitasking nanomachine” by A multitasking nanomachine that can act as a heat engine and a refrigerator at the same time has been created by RIKEN engineers. The device is one of the first to test how quantum effects, which govern the behavior of particles on the smallest scale, might one … Continue reading Multitasking Devices!

Internet of Things – IOT – An Introduction – Part 1

Recently I got a chance to learn wood-cutting, make wooden boxes, cut metal, solder wires and attach electronic components to the box. This fun activity re-kindled my interest in Internet of Things (IOT) which, in simplest terms, refers to Internet-enabled objects. For example, right now, I am sitting on a chair. If all chairs are Internet-enabled – at least the ones I use regularly – … Continue reading Internet of Things – IOT – An Introduction – Part 1